How to Make Botox Last Longer

How to Make Botox Last Longer

Botox is a medical treatment which makes the use of Botulinum toxin to make a drug named Botox. The Botox will paralyze or weaken the muscle to reduce the wrinkles on the skin. Botox is usually used on the facial region. The treatment lasts for about 30 minutes. Botox can be used on forehead wrinkles, frown lines, marionette lines, under-eye lines, and crow’s feet etc. Majority of the people undergo Botox treatment on the face to dull the forehead wrinkles and frown lines which are most visible to the naked eye. In this guide, we will talk on how to make Botox last longer, uses and more.

Uses and side Effects

Botox is used to treat conditions such as neck spasms, overactive bladder, excessive sweating and prevents chronic migraines. The side effects of Botox are very uncommon. However, when they occur, these are usually mild headaches, numbness, mild pain and dry eye etc.

How to make it last longer

Here are some of the ways you can extend the Botox. The first and most important thing to do is to protect yourself from the sun. The ultraviolet (UV) rays are very damaging if they come in contact with the skin on the part of the body that has undergone Botox. The Sunrays decreases the lifespan of the neurotoxin so you will have to cover the part which had the Botox treatment. Avoiding direct sunlight can help in making the Botox last longer.

After Botox, one should engage in routine exercise. The movement of the muscles in the treatment area can prolong the Botox. Vigorous or Intense workouts are ok to carry out but are not recommended. The movement of the muscles is important but remember to avoid yourself from constant rubbing on the area to prevent side effects. Staying hydrated all the time is also important. Constantly drink plenty of liquids and use moisturizers on the part of the skin which went through Botox, so it never gets dry. These moisturizers keep the inflammation within the body to a minimum. This is a good way to keep the Botox last longer. One should also make the use of antioxidant serum as it protects the skin from environmental damage and sun damage.

The Final Word                                             

Increasing the longevity of Botox can bring no harm to you and the longer the treatment lasts, the better for you. The Botox treatment usually takes four to five months to end but its duration of effect can be prolonged by moisturizing, hydration, regular exercise and protection from the sun.