Body Contouring

The different types of ways you can lose your body fat.

Non surgical body contouring is another name given to non surgical fat reduction procedures. A variety of treatments and procedures fall under this category as all of them use a way of reducing or removing fat without the involvement of any kind of surgery. These procedures are based on one of the following four principles:

  • Laser lipolysis uses heat to target fat cells and break them down.
  • Radiofrequency lipolysis uses ultrasound technology combined with heat to target fat cells.
  • Injection lipolysis uses deoxycholic acid administered through injections or pills.

These treatments and procedures are not a solution for people suffering from obesity or other weight related issues. These procedures are more suitable as cosmetic procedures, mainly used to target those areas of the body from where fat does not decrease, despite exercise or dieting.

Are these procedures viable?

For anyone seeking non surgical body contouring in FL, it is important for them to realize that these are not procedures designed to get you down to your desired weight. They can help you get closer to your goal but the rest is up to you.

All doctors agree that the most important and effective way of losing weight is a proper diet plan and exercise routing. These procedures are, however, preferable to something like liposuction as they are noninvasive. The patient can continue with their regular routine immediately after the procedure. The side effects vary from mild to none, the mild ones include bruising, swelling, tenderness.

Are the procedures expensive?

It is difficult to say definitively whether these procedures should be considered as cheap or expensive. Each procedure has a different cost and the price can vary depending upon things like the body type of the individual, the particular expert providing the service, the number of cycles and other such things which are variable.

Vanity skin provides such services at reasonable rates with qualified experts working for us. They have been providing their services for years and have years of experience under their belts which helps us provide a safe, reliable and more than satisfactory service.

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