How Often Should I Do Micro Needling?

How Often Should I Do Micro Needling?

Fine lines and wrinkles are the bye-products of advancing age. While there is no treatment for ageing, there are options available for obtaining a glowing youthful look. Micro needling is one of those options.

The process is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy. Elastin and collagen are the two elements that render your skin youthful. Micro Needling enhances the growth of these two elements so that your skin always looks bright and radiant.

A Cosmetic Treatment

Micro needling is a cosmetic treatment carried out by dermatologists. The actual purpose of this treatment is to remove all kinds of unwanted marks from the facial skin.

The procedure involves tiny needles that have been properly sterilized for this purpose. Micro needling is not considered a surgical procedure and only involves puncturing the upper layer of the skin. Needles are used for making these punctures. As soon as the skin is punctured, it automatically starts its own healing process. This automatic response enhances the production of the above two elements. As a result, the tone of the facial skin is improved considerably and all other marks and scars are reduced.

How Often Micro Needling Should be Done?

First of all, it should be noted that micro needling is a specialized treatment which should only be carried out by a certified and experienced dermatologist.

There are numerous benefits of this procedure but it is important that you not overdo it. Correct frequency of this treatment is the key to reaping its maximum benefits.

First of all, the frequency of micro needling depends on your specific skin type. Second, if you are going out for mild treatments, you can carry them out every two to four weeks.

If there is a ny kind of deep micro needling treatment involved, it should not be carried out more frequently. The best frequency would be four to six weeks.

Consult Your Dermatologist for the most suitable frequency

The dermatologist is the person who is trained to carry out this procedure. He is also the one who has wide experience in this field. Before you start the treatment, consult your dermatologist. Based on your particular skin type, the dermatologist will be able to give your proper advice for frequency that you should adopt for maximum benefit.

Benefits of proper micro needling treatment

If you are carrying out proper micro needling treatment at the most suitable intervals, you will be able to reap its maximum benefits which includes improvement in the tone, texture and the overall quality of the skin. It will remove all the blackheads from your face and vitalize your skin. Moreover, the skin will become even without any kinds of pores.


Many people have discovered the advantages of micro needling. They have also come to understand the proper frequency of the treatment allowing them to have a young and glowing skin despite advancing age.

It is also important to understand that aftercare is also an integral part of micro needling treatment. Exposure to sun and using unbranded skin care products can be harmful.

Micro needling is a safe and effective procedure for becoming young again. For desired result book an appointment with the best dermatologist now!