Are Lip Injections and Fillers the same?

Are Lip Injections and Fillers the same?

It is not like lip fillers and lip injections have vast differences between them. The result is the same but one of them fades away while the other is permanent. Lip Fillers or as some might refer to it as Lip Augmentation is a permanent process done to fill thin lips. Lip Injection is used for the same reason as Lip Augmentations, but they are temporary, and you will most probably need to get a new filler appointment every 10-12 months. Lip fillers and injections do not have a lot of side effects and almost anyone can do it if one wants to.

Lip Injections

Lip injections is a treatment that makes the use of a hyaluronic acid compound that is directly inserted into the lips using several injections at different spots on the lips. The treatment is pain-free, and it isn’t expensive at all. However, everything comes at a cost so for this you will have to constant appointments with your doctor and get your lips checked. If they show any signs of deforming the doctor will have to do another series of treatments to get them back to the perfect shape. The treatment is 100% safe and natural and lasts for about a year after which you will have to get injected again if you want the perfect lips.

Lip Fillers/Augmentations

Lip Augmentation is a permanent process that is used to treat thin lips to fill them so that they look perfect. The treatment is a surgery that requires a lot of time and money. It is more expensive than Lip Injections as it is permanent but requires more devotion to the process. The treatment even though sounds risky, it is not. The process is a bit painful but due to the duration of the process the pain usually dulls down, and you soon do not feel the pain at all. The result will make your lips bigger and will stay like that for most probably your whole life.

The Final Word

Coming to it having Lip Injections or Lip Filling is mostly on you. Both yield the same result in the end so you can go for any method. The duration of the lips being filled is a lot lesser in injection forms compared to surgery, but the cost also has to be accounted for. If you are sensitive to even the slightest pain, then you should most probably go for the injection’s method. Augmentation is a one-time process and if you can muster the strength to endure the pain once you won’t have to go to the doctor again, only for check-ups.