Acne Oily Combination Skin Type

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CASCADING ANTIOXIDANT SERUM- the ultimate vitamin c complex serum that drenches skin in a cocktail of multisource anti-oxidants. Sodium Ascorbyl phosphate, Kakadu plum, phloretin, astaxanthin, ferulic acid, and vitamin E offer nourishment and fortification against dermal instability caused by free radical aggression.

REFINING TONER- refining toner is a highly astringent toner that targets topical impurities often observed in oily, combination skin. Beta hydroxy salicylic acid and clarifying witch hazel revive and refine equilibrium and harmony in the skin.

MANDELIC AMINO PEEL- this is a mild Alpha Hydroxy Acid exfoliant that amplifies radiance for those seeking clarity and cellular renewal, yet are sensitive to traditional aggressive peels.

DERMAL BALANCING CLEANSER- hydrating seaweed and calming aloe vera extract make this mild, foaming wash an outstanding daily cleanser that gently lifts impurities while leaving skin soft and supremely hydrated. A frothy lather leaves just the right amount of moisture on the skin, purifying as it balances both dry and oily areas.

AZACLEAR SERUM – This clarifying treatment contains exfoliating Lactic Acid, purifying Salicylic Acid, illuminating Azelaic Acid and vitamin b3. Sulphur and tomato fruit extracts address topical impurities which can dull optimal skin radiance. Astringent Lemon Alcohol creates an environment that encourages equilibrium and uniformity within the skin.


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